pellets-1 copy Today a 10-year-old boy shot my daughter and her friends with a BB gun after school. This gun shot hard plastic BB’s instead of the metal ones, so instead of bleeding, the kids have red welts. Apparently the guy shot the ground around them to scare them, then shot another boy who was in a lot of pain so the girls were really afraid and asked him not to shoot them and he said, “what would you do to me if I shot you?” he was antagonizing and really bullying them. Then he shot them with the gun. They saved one of the hard, green plastic pellets and showed it to me along with all their welts.

I’m not happy about this. We live in this safe town…one of the safest cities in the United States. This is terrifying to me. I don’t want to pigeonhole a child. I believe people have a choice and can change, to label someone is to encapsulate them, to trap them in some way but I absolutely don’t ever want this kind of thing to happen again.  I didn’t call the police. I don’t know if I should have or not. I drove the girls straight over to the houses of the other kids involved and WOW.

Every parent I met today was concerned, involved and ready to sit down together as a group with the kids and come up with a plan to deal with this. So, that’s what we’re going to do as soon as everyone can get together. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve been neglecting my blog because of the holidays, the flu, redecorating my master bathroom and renovating my kitchen but I assure you I am still alive.  I had the opportunity to visit the Slater Memorial Museum in Connecticut this November, one of the few museums in the world featuring plaster casts of world famous renaissance and classical sculpture from the Louvre and Vatican and other fabulous places (a practice no longer permitted). I have completed the necessary release paperwork to post an image from their collection so I will be writing on that soon!


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  2. Do you know which kid did it? Do you have his name? I would march right over to that kid’s house NOW and speak to his parents right away. No phone call. No discussion. No group meeting. NOW. If they don’t at least act horrified, apologize, and promise it’ll never happen again, call the cops. Period. That kind of nonsense is 100% intolerable. If that was a real gun, those kids would be dead. GIT ‘EM MA!

  3. Hermi, thank you for your response. I was trying mostly not to overreact for the sake of the kids.

    Margaret, you are right on! maybe you should be a guidance counselor for troubled kids. :P~

    I met the child who did it, spoke with his mom and she is treating it very seriously. I called a resource officer at the police department who specializes in school aged kids and who’s team’s focus is to guide kids like this who display troubled behavior to prevent them from having to reach a point where they enter the criminal justice system. He said as long as the mother handles this seriously and firmly, and the child hasn’t had a bad history of this behavior it should be fine. (which she did seem to take it seriously)

    He told me if they parent just blows it off as kids playing, then we should report it because it is considered assault.

  4. Your understanding and compassion for the child who did the shooting and the actions you took are both amazing and right.

    When my son was much younger two of his friends got their hands on a bb gun. One lost an eye. It was a tragedy, but not a crime. I am just glad your daughter and her friends did not suffer worse injuries.

    BTW, what happened to the gun in this case? That child should not have access to anymore guns.

  5. It was taken away.

    The thing that makes this assault, and not just play is the children were not playing together. The boy with the bb gun was angry, threatening, bullying and the other kids asked him not to shoot them.

  6. Oh yes! I agree. I was not trying to characterize this assault when I related the other. I was trying to emphasize the seriousness of any child with their hands on a gun, bb or other.

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