Man from the mountain

 Reawakening by Wesley Wofford

I saw images of figurative sculpture by Wesley Wofford a while ago and they were so incredible. I wished I could meet the artist and see his work in person. I had read somewhere that he left Hollywood and moved to the mountains of North Carolina. I imagined this sculptor to be a brilliant, old, wise man with a long gray beard and a bit of a philosopher.

When Jim Fatata told me he’d invited Wesley to exhibit in the Nudes in Art show and he’d be here in Raleigh, I was thrilled.   When I met him (we were both locked out of the studio together for a while) I was surprised to find that he’s young, and very easy to talk to and joke with. If ever you’re locked out of your studio, I highly recommend you be so with Wesley. He is the philosopher I imagined.

I asked Wesley about the piece I love called Reawakening and he said, “Reawakening holds special meaning for me.  My first “fine art” piece after leaving Hollywood and redirecting myself was called “The Awakening.”  It symbolized everything I was trying to awaken within myself and finally going after my true calling.  It was my first attempt at the entire endeavor and it showed.  It was also the first bronze casting I had done.  After casting, I placed it in a galleWesley Wofford, Sculptorry, etc, and had one at home.  I became really unhappy with it and ended up shattering the forton copy and removing the bronze, cutting it up with a torch, and re-melting it into ingots.   I clay pressed out of the mold, and then destroyed it as well, and started re-sculpting. Anyway, after finding the “true” solution I was looking for, I named it “Reawakening” and have had a lot of positive response from it.  Thanks for asking.  Very few people have heard that story. “

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  1. Very awesome!!

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