Art show

Dudes in Art 2007 (hahahaha!!) In front of 4 paintings by Miguel Quiroz I had to take a picture. I happened to find these four guys standing in front of four paintings by Miguel Quiroz in the reception area of the Nudes in Art show this past weekend at Litmus Gallery in Raleigh.

I usually feel nervous about these shows when my work is in them because I have a hard time talking about my own work, especially if it is a piece that expresses sensitive issues.  I don’t want to break down crying. One of the artists at the Litmus show was right when she said, “Every piece we make is a self portrait.” I agree. It is in some way a portrait of a piece of our lives, of our personality, of our experiences, thoughts, feelings, ideas.  To put our work out there is to put ourselves out there.  Nudes in Art 2007

This second picture is of Jim Fatata. He’s gently placing a gnarled and twisted branch back onto a sculpture by Margarita Leon, trying to get it just right. This is one of the things I adore about Jim. He takes so much care with other people’s work.

I’m going to be sharing a studio with a friend at Litmus soon. I was a bit worried the other day when I tried to drive there and the street had been closed off. Police were swarming all over knocking on doors, stopping cars and questioning many people. Someone had been shot just a few blocks away. A bus pulled up, young children stepped out and found their way home among the chaos. This is one of the poorer neighborhoods and the studio is near the train station, just a block or so away from the women’s center. I like the way people are always walking everywhere, visiting with each other, waving, carrying bags of groceries, being human. The new civic center that is under construction will probably bring many changes.

My worries disappeared. I loved meeting the people who came from all over, listening to them, laughing with them. Recurve was purchased during this show along with several works by other artists. It was warm, and wonderful and a success.


2 Responses

  1. Sounds like the show was a smash! Wish I was there to see it. This makes me consider getting back into painting. Maybe that would make a better creative outlet for my frustrations than eating ice cream :o) … you never know.

  2. I would love to see something painted by you.

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