Armatured and ready

Kim Marchesseault building an armatureI put together a couple of quick armatures for a sculpting session last night at Litmus Gallery and Studio with the Raleigh Sculpture Group. I use this type of armature to build my clay figurative sculptures on. Jock Gault taught me the basic principle for this simple form during a class at NC State Craft Center about a year ago.

I make these out of round outlet box covers with a 1/2 inch opening and a male PVC fitting with a copper tube inside. I stuff rubber or cork around the copper tube inside of the PVC to achieve a tight fit and use Liquid Nails adhesive to hold it securely in place. Very simple and cost about $10 for parts at Lowes. The tube unscrews from the base if needed for removing your sculpture when you’re ready.  I have a larger metal tube for heavier sculptures that also screws into this base. I cover the hardware base with tin foil before putting clay on it. These are so easy to make and give me stability during the initial soft, wet clay stage and a lot of freedom with my forms.


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  1. Great tips for someone so mechanically challenged like me…but even this seems difficult for me :).

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