Devaluation of artists

” If a work can be called “art” simply because its author claims it to be such, then there is no such thing as art. If anything can be art, then nothing is. And this principle has a broader application: If anything can be true (or moral, good, right, etc.), then nothing is. Rather than a servant to society, the artist has become a spoiled child, creating arbitrary distinctions that only he can decipher.”Elizabeth Fisher, National Review

I think art ethics have sunk even lower than that. Many have given themselves permission to simply copy the work of others without innovation, change, contributing nothing. They don’t even bother to challenge themselves to come up with new ideas.

I’ve seen people make a mold out of a piece of art they bought at the store, then use it to press their clay into and sign their name to it as though it’s their own work.

I’ve seen people flat out copy other people’s work by tracing it onto their paper. These are people who can’t come up with their own ideas, who can’t redesign and innovate. Some just can’t draw. What makes them think they should be making sellable art if they don’t even like what they draw themselves so they have to trace others?

“And when I’m old and I’ve had my fun, I’ll sell my inventions so that *everyone* can have powers. *Everyone* can be Super! And when everyone’s Super… No one will be.” Syndrome, The Incredibles

Many have simply given up on ever being able to create something original because they assume everything has already been done. If everything has already been done, there’s no use living. There’s no more purpose. Society has reached its pinnacle, its zenith and doom is the only thing to follow. To stop improving and innovating is to cease to evolve.  Maybe I’m naive, but I refuse to believe stagnation is our destiny.

I’m all for being inspired by others, building off of the work of others and incorporating techniques and ideas into your own work. That is a fantastic starting point. Add something special to it to make it your own, though. Progress. Evolve.

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  1. excellent read! i have had similar thoughts. i am glad that true art isn’t dead, it is just lurking in the corners of studio’s that the general public doesn’t know about.

    some similar thoughts are on

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