Let me high your five

highfive-1 I hate to admit a surge of panic rushed through me when a mom dropped off her son in my pre-school art class and mentioned he is borderline autistic as she left.  I am grateful for the heads up. I haven’t had any special training in dealing with this and it definitely was a challenge -especially for the other children in class who didn’t quite understand what was going on during the initial adjustment at the beginning of class. The incredible, resilient thing about this child… He knows how to celebrate success.  When he added bead wheels to his miniature clay car, I told him he did a good job.  “Yay, I did it!!” He smiled, raised up his hands said, “Lesmall city project for kids designed by Kim Marchesseaultt me high your five!!” He wanted to high five after each success throughout his project. We did. Other kids in class got into it as well. He had enthusiasm to keep going.  He needed these celebrations. Such a simple thing. The entire class left smiling.


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