I love you a thousand suitcases

kimiamI remember years ago arguing with a two-year-old little girl named Holly, the daughter of a very good friend, while walking out of Disney World. It was the end of a hot, summer day. We were so sweaty and exhausted it left us a bit silly. I told Holly I loved her more. She kept insisting she loved me more. I said to her, “That’s not the case. I love you more!” She looked up at me with her huge blue eyes and in a sassy, gloating tone stated, “Well, I have *two* suitcases and I love *you* more!”

I hadn’t spent much time around young children. My first reaction was to correct Holly and explain that she’d misunderstood me. Thank goodness my friend interrupted me by raising the number of suitcases and declaring his love was even greater. This caught on and other people in our group continued raising the number of suitcases higher and higher to affirm the magnitude of their love.  I even overheard strangers walking by begin talking about all of their many suitcases and love.

I talked to Holly’s mother recently. Holly’s in college and her mother mentioned to me because of that day, when they tell each other goodbye now they say, “I love you a thousand suitcases.”

Congratulations to friends Hamma and Jen on your 3rd wedding anniversary. I’m glad you found each other. I remember how hard you worked to be together because you’re both from different countries.

In the Broadway musical, Rent, Mimi says, “Life’s too short babe. Time is flying. I’m looking for baggage that goes with mine.”  I’ll help you carry your baggage if you help me carry my suitcases. Did I mention I have a thousand of em?

2 Responses

  1. You are a natural blogger! 😉

    Thanks for the well wishes ❤

  2. Hamma, thank you for the encouragement. It’s really your fault I started this blog to begin with! :P~

    p.s. I love you a thousand suitcases!

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